Chara and Kitty 3: Chara and Kitty Strike Back

Chara and Kitty 2: Chara and Kitty Returns was recorded in August, but due to production problems (my computer is dead), footage has yet to be released.

On Friday, Chara and Kitty got together again for a food and drinks after work. This time, Mel and Daniel both came along (making a group of 8).

We went to a nice place called the Beer Terrace in Saitama Shintoshin.


The restaurant was pretty nice. We had Nomihodai (all you can drink) for 2 hours, and a set course.


And of course, even though I didn’t get a good picture of them, the company was excellent.



A Day in Ginza

On Saturday I went to Ginza in Tokyo. Daniel invited me to tag along while he got somethings. At first I wasn’t going to- it was pouring rain, and well, I’m lazy- but eventually decided it would be better than sitting alone at home. I held him up a little, but we eventually got there.

Ginza is a really big, beautiful, classy city.


On the weekends, they close the main road to cars.


All of the people are dressed very well. This woman was dressed averagely; many people were much better dressed than she. You can imagine that I stuck out like a sore thumb, haha.

Our first stop was a huge, multi-storied stationary store called Itoya.


Daniel wanted to go to get a business card holder and a card for his girlfriend’s birthday.

After that we went to a really fancy tea place.


I was kind of overwhelmed by the quality and the huge selection.


But Daniel seemed to know exactly what he was getting for his lady.

A little later we stopped at cafe to take a break. Daniel said it was (one of his) favorite, so I was excited to check it out. Unfortunately, like beer, I am not a connoisseur of coffee. I did think it was delicious though. Plus, the place was nice and the staff friendly (they tried to help me pick the right drink).


One the way to some fancy shmancy stores, we passed this floral shop that seemed to be heavily Kitty-chan themed.


the Hello Kitty plants were cute, but rather pricey.



We also passed some art by Yayoi Kusama. She has art in Pittsburgh, so I was really excited to see here too.


Not All Adventures Have to be Big

Over the weekend, having nothing to do, I decided to visit a cafe down the street.

Before that, I had laid around in my house for a while not feeling particularly motivated to do anything.

I remembered I’d seen cafe nearby that I hadn’t been to yet (too scared).

20120904-131611.jpg I wanted to experience something new while just being able to relax, write, or read.

So I went.


It’s a really lovely place! Great atmosphere.
20120904-131342.jpg It reminded me a lot of Caribou Coffee in Pittsburgh. The place was very relaxed, had hand-made coasters, and a cute, scrap book-style menu.

After looking at the menu, I ended up ordering 2 of the recommended items. One was a dessert plate with your pick of 2 small pieces of cake and a scoop of ice cream. I picked chiffon cake, apple and rum raisin cake, and tiramisu ice cream. I also ordered an iced maccha latte with whipped cream. I definitely pigged out. And I definitely enjoyed it ;D


Gongendo Sakura 2012

Took me long enough!

I just wanted let you guys know that I finally made the uploaded the Gongendo Sakura Matsuri (Festival) videos!

Gongendo Park in Satte, Saitama is reputed to be one of the more famous places to see Sakura blossoms in Japan. Being a resident of such a small place in the middle of no where, I was really happy to find out that it had something to be proud of.

If I get some more time, I should write a blog with the history of the park- it’s pretty interesting ūüôā

Anyway, enjoy~

Gongendo at night

Gongendo during the day

A Little Bit of Nothing

Hey everyone! Been a while since I made a blog post, huh? Sorry! Chances are, if you follow me here, you know that I’ve been posting Youtube vlog stuff anyway~ (If not, here’s a link:

I’ve had a bad stomach ache recently, so I decided to stay in tonight. I’ve watched two anime movies tonight, “Perfect Blue,” and “Hotarubi no mori e.” “Perfect Blue” was ok, but I highly recommend “Hotarubi no mori e” to everyone. It’s very short, only 45 minutes, but it has a wonderful storyline that has caused me to be all choked up and sentimental now.

I’ve almost been here a year now! Perhaps soon I should celebrate by making a comparison blog of what I thought then and now (or not, haha).

For now, I guess I’ll go create some art- I do it best when I feel sentimental like this, haha. I really miss my family, friends, and most of all, AJ. I don’t talk about it that much, but I really do miss AJ all of the time, haha. I feel sappy and self-conscious if I say anything, so I don’t.

I hope everyone is doing well! Check out those movies and my videos if you have time~!

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Yamathon 2012

Two weeks ago I participated in a crazy event called the “Yamathon.” The event name is a clever portmanteau of “marathon” and “Yamanote”- the train line around which the marathon was held. The marathon, although a crazy walk for about 12 hours around 29 stations is really relaxed. The idea behind it is to have fun and get to know all of the areas around the Yamanote-sen. It’s meant to be a culture experience, while also benefiting people through charity. Here the website if you want to know more:

To capture this experience, I kept a little day-journal of what we were doing, and what the group was thinking while it happened. I’ve also bolded the station names and inserted some pics for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, all 4 of us took some pictures of the stations, so I can’t find some of the station pictures… bummer. Ok! Without further ado, here it is~


I’m up. It’s¬†5:32¬†now; Nigel and I got up¬†at 4:30. Uuugh. On a train on our way to Harajuku to meet up!
I think the first few hours will be ok (I even ate breakfast), but the last few are going to be a struggle. But we can do it! I predict around 10hrs.
Ran into the other JET grp on the train. Registered.
Opening ceremony: covering of rules and screaming. 29 stations, staggered starts.
Go team Globo Gym Purple Cobras!!
Starting in Harajuku!! Excited!  7:17 Goooo team!
Harajuku station
YoYoGiiii!! 1.6km further.
Shinjuku is nearby.
8:20, stopped to get food and pee.
Shin-okubo- discussing “irrassaimase”
Deep talks with River about animal ethics.
Takadanobaba at 8:45.
Walking next to a group of other JETs (?)- girl stops to mail postcard, lol.
My hips hurt because I’m carrying a heavy bag.
Mejiro Station!
Stopped to get coffee! Yum. Ready and re-charged~

Talked with River about art and music in Winnipeg.
Ikebukuro. 9:30. Finally got rid of my bag. What a relief!! Seibu East Exit lockers (downstairs).
Stopped to use the bathroom, throw away empty cups, and pet a tabby cat ūüôā
Otsuka station!  Over 1/4 of the way~ strength rejuvenated from running down a hill past opponents, ahahaaaaa!
Sugamo station-¬†10:20. More food and water. My hiiiiips ūüė¶
10:46- pens winning 3-2! Alright! Keep it up!!
Windy windy back streets.
Googuru maps betrayed us and set us back .5 km! Jerk..
-secret garden.. Check!
– 11:05- jungle gym check! Short rest.
11:20 Tabata station! Really nice, big area. I have to pee again.. Trying to be a big girl and hold it, lol.
Nishi-nippori! 11:40. Bathroom break. We are significantly less genki. Hopefully after we stop for lunch our bodies will be recharged. Two stops til lunch!
– shopping- check! Picked up a cute amigumi dog and another for Megan too.
Nippori station at 12:00.
Lunch next station!! Yiiiii! Nigel is less keen on grp photos now, lol.
– “welcome to the hotel new seed”
-we found Karmen sandiago?
Uguisudani station 12:20.
Almost halfway?
Ueno Station¬†12:40¬†(we’re slacking)
Pens won!! 3-2! Yeah! Picture with pens hoodie in front of Ueno station.
stopping at Yoshinoya, having gyuudon. 1:03.
Akihabara at 1:50.
Kanda Station¬†at 2:10. Definitely tired now. Stations and cities are starting to blur together >_< a little bit of energy regained from eating, but still body fatigue ūüė¶
Next up Tokyo!
Took a Pic at a Tokyo station side entrance- 2:30. The front of the station is under construction, but what we can see is really beautiful.
River turned around and definitely almost kissed the guy behind him. Mere inches, lol.
Yurakuchi Station¬†at 2:49. We feel tired. Very very tired. The bottom half of the train loop. We’ve run out of genki. Also, shin-splints in my right leg? Ugh. At least my hips don’t hurt.
– Found Godzilla! Ran from Godzilla!- check
Stopped for ice cream
Shimbashi Station at 3:20.
Dancing, boobs. Japan.
I feel like we’re hobos now. Why else would be still walking? Nigel had food on his face, and I’m a bag lady.
I head butted Jess’s butt at a stop light >_o
Hamamatsucho Station.
We started playing a game with the alphabet. Naming food, animals, and alcohol. Longggg walk to the next station. We are now just in our own little bubble world mostly oblivious to anyone else. We’re squatting at long lights, not really caring how we look. I think we all feeling really fatigued. At least we’ve discovered that we all get really happy and giggly. We’re really tired, but we can keep laughing at the nonsensical things coming out of our mouths.
Tamachi station at 4:20.
Phone  call from Monifa. Bathroom break at a combini.
We sat for a second. Now singing the door opening and closing song. Jess bought a lolli. I told River that his bandana gives me hope. He looks determined as fighting spirit. Nigel says, “Determined to finish despite our agony.”
Playing celebrity game. Went over a bridge we didnt we didn’t need to go over. Nigel said we could see the Tokyo tower from it, so we heard that, took it for a direction, and crossed.. Freaked out, and crossed back. Nigel stepped on Jess’s shoe and it came off entirely!!
Shinagawa station 5 pm. Oh god. Oh lord. My feet. Our feet.  We saw a cute guy dressed as a cute Doraemon dancing with fans.
** A challenger has appeared!! Get a drink from the remaining combini!!
Mental decline unrelated to liquor.
“I’m not a trained dolphin”- River
“those bushes look really comfortable. I want to sit on them. They look like fluffy marshmellows.”- Nigel
Osaki Station 5:50.
** Challenge changed from drinking, to finishing before 7.
We’re really having a hard time, but somehow no one is really complaining. Legs and feet are dead. If we stop, we’ll be done. Ughh. On a positive note, still laughing hysterically at all words.
Sat with Jess while Nigel and river use the bathroom. We’re saying our feet have their own heart beat.
Cool place by Meguro. Outback in Shinagawa.
Meguro Station. Walking faster, just trying to get there by¬†7:20¬†we can finish in the “time limit” of 12 hrs.
Found some moving walks. Made by Jesus.
Saw a beautiful woman in a beautiful kimono thing- probably just married. I said wow and she nodded to me :3
40 minutes 2 stations, go back and done.
Ebisu 6:44. So close! We can do this! So tired. So close!
 Afraid of heights. Tall escalators..
Shibuya¬†7:03. Just back to Harajuku now. This is intense. “we’ll make in the nick of time”
10 minutes. Less than a km.
So close
Finished. 12 hrs and 9 mins
Finally. Done.
After thoughts: I don’t want to do anything but not walk. Food, doesn’t matter. Nothing matters but not walking.

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